Unleashing Your Dog’s Genius

Dogs are sooo much smarter than most people can imagine in a thousand years. They are capable of things you wouldn’t believe if you hadn’t seen it yourself. Learn how to teach your dog to answer Yes or No questions, communicate preferences, and more.

Once you understand how dogs learn, and how to communicate to them in a way they can understand, the sky’s the limit as to what your dog can learn. Dogs can ride skateboards, do addition, recognize colors and shapes, and identify objects by name or even written word. 

No matter how dumb or stubborn you think your dogs might be, they can do more than you know. If you have a special needs dog or a dog with cognitive dysfunction, they won’t be able to do as much as a border collie, but they can learn more than you think. You will open up a whole new world to your dog and be amazed in the process.

Prerequisites: Try Before You Buy Dog Toys or DIY Toys and Training With Fun and Games.

Cost: $300 for three sessions, paid in advance.