In-Home Training

It’s not easy being a dog. A lot of the things you do for fun like chewing, barking, nipping and jumping get you in trouble. When your people are inconsistent, it’s even harder to figure out the household rules.  In-home training sessions are great because they get you and your dog on the same page.

No matter what types of issues you’re having with your dog, you will feel much better after just one session because 1) you will understand how to teach your dog in a way they can understand, 2) you will learn how to achieve your training goals so you can and your dog can live together in peace and harmony, and 3) you will be amazed at how much your dog is capable of learning when you treat them with love and kindness.

Dogs are like people in that when they are stressed, it’s difficult for them to think and learn, and if they experience stress every day, it affects their mental, emotional and physical health.

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