Training with Fun and Games

Learn how to use toys and games to teach your dog to act right. Eileen will teach you how to diminish problem behaviors like biting, nipping, chewing, digging, jumping, and pulling on leash using just toys and treats.

We can show you how to teach your dog new behaviors like drop it, leave it, wait, stay, find it! and more, just by playing games. Training can be as much fun for dogs as it is for people.

All dogs learn best through play. Even reactive and aggressive dogs. Even dogs you think are “stubborn” and “hardheaded.” Especially puppies. And it’s never too late to start.  You can make your senior dog’s life more enriching and fulfilling by playing games adapted for dogs with less mobility and a lower energy level.

Prerequisite: Fun With Your Dog or DIY Toys.

Cost: $300 for two 1.5 hour sessions includes a 15 percent discount on any future training sessions booked, or Best Dog On The Block toys ordered, over the next 30 days. Additional travel fees may apply for locations outside Baltimore metro area. A limited number of partial scholarships are available.