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Snuffle Mats are an interactive dog toy, enrichment activity, boredom buster, food puzzle, slow feeder, and all around great dog toy that makes a wonderful gift for your favorite dog.

Snuffle mats tire out dogs as much as physical play because when dogs sniff around, they snuffle (rapidly sniffing in and out), which takes a lot more energy than just smelling. But most of all, snuffle mats are FUN. Dogs love them! Here are some ways you can use them:

* Feed your dog meals by scattering kibble among the fleece strips for your dog to forage, extending meal time from six seconds (eating from a bowl) to six minutes or more (average time it takes to find all their kibble).

* Hide treats for your dog to find for fun — dogs need mental exercise as much as they need physical exercise.

* Great for entertaining puppies with short attention spans.

* Good way to provide enrichment for senior dogs who have less physical energy but still active minds.

* Great way to entertain and exercise dogs recuperating from surgery.

* Easy way to make your dog feel more comfortable at the groomer or vet’s office.

* Good for keeping your dog occupied in the car while you’re driving

If you have a dog, you need a snuffle mat!  If you live in Baltimore, you can make your own at Eileen’s Snuffle Mat Workshop (contact her for details) or buy one at Howl at 3531 Chestnut Ave in Hampden. If you’re out of town, you can order them online at Eileen’s snuffle mats are made with 300 strips of fleece intertwined into a plastic base and are machine washable.

We have the following color combinations. We can also make a custom order, just let us know what colors you’d like in your snuffle mat!